Why crowdfunding? Because we – and evidently many others - believe the festival is worth saving. And the only way to do so at present is through crowdfunding. We’ve held on for seven years thanks to sponsorships. Now’s the time for us to say to you “Here’s the festival. We ask for your support.”
The Storify below (with brief comments in Italian) brings together the reactions to our 17 October 2013 announcement of the closure of the festival due to a shortage of funds for the 2014 edition. On 21 October we announced that in response to a wave of public support we would evaluate crowdfunding (in addition to corporate sponsorship) to finance the 2014 festival.
On 02 November 2013 we launched the 2014 festival crowdfunding campaign. The eighth edition will take place in Perugia from 30 April to 04 May 2014. We hope to see you here.